SLAVA proxy-server 2.6

SLAVA proxy-server 2.6

Slava Proxy Server (SPS) is a powerful solution for sharing Internet access
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Vyacheslav Volynets
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Slava Proxy Server (SPS) is a powerful solution for sharing Internet access in corporate or local network, making traffic calculations, blocking ADs and restricting access to unwanted web resources.
SPS allows you to monitor network activity online - who browses, what's browsed, for how long, and how many bytes are downloaded.
Also you can view the history of any user/group activity for any period, sort it by downloaded/uploaded bytes, view detailed statistics by web-sites.
SPS users may be grouped by their departments,and all control operations may be configured for grups, e.g. «block social networks for finance dep.»
Any email clients (The Bat, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc) can works via SPS mail gate, and any FTP clients (Total Commander, FAR, etc) can works via SPS FTP gate.
Main Features:
- Providing shared Internet access to web-sites by HTTP and HTTPS protocols (with SSL support);
- Restricting access rights by users, user's groups;
- T raffic limits and bandwidth multilevel restricting for users/groups accounts;
- Online monitoring;
- Remote administrating of proxy-server;
- Running as service, Windows Vista supporting;
- Users authorization by IP address and by Username Password;
- Providing detailed statistics for each user/group (date, host, bytes) and statistics printing;
- Restricting access to unwanted web-sites for each user/group or all users at once;
- Exporting/Importing of users, groups, blocked hosts;
- Working via another proxy-server (cascade);
- Providing access to any Internet resources by any protocols via SOCKS proxy-server (v.4,4a,5);



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